Thursday, November 17, 2011

Many Blessings

So a lot has happened this week and I won’t be able to tell you all in this letter. But before I get way side-tracked I will give you an up to date on the work here in Nova Esperança. This week we once again have seen many blessings. We lost a few investigators and was hurting for a few days but were quickly blessed and gained a few awesome people to teach. I know it because of our faithfulness in doing our contacts. But so far we have 2 people that are doing awesome for their baptisms this week. Jeovani is for sure ready and really excited. He’s 14 years old and we found him playing around with his friends. He also went to church this last Sunday and loved it. So with one of his friends already in the church he is excited to go. Yesterday the Stake gathered together all the young men who are preparing for the mission and spent the day as missionaries. It was a really cool thing, before lunch the elders gave trainings and prepared them to be able to teach about a few things. (I gave a training about Christ doctrine and the missionaries purpose, it went well) then we all ate lunch and left on divisions in our areas. Each elder had a member with him but the bad thing was that it was raining supper hard all day. I must say a first I was thinking, man this will be difficult and how will I be able to give a good experience to this member when nobody lets us in when it rains. Well I must say that I was a doubtful but I was going to do everything to at least teach. So our first lesson we were able to teach to a person who let us in, It was a contact I did last week and an unmarked appointment well that lesson went well and then we were off to our other investigators. Well all of our plans fell through so I started knocking doors and we knocked a ton before someone opened up the gate for us. But in total we taught 4 lessons and a few hours and were able to mark 3 dates. Two of the ppl are really ready for the gospel and were really excited. Over all the day turned out to be cold and wet before returning the member back to the church to meet up with the others. By the end of the division he was supper excited and wanted to knock more doors it was awesome. Anyway this week has already started off really good and we will have a baptism this week too. Although I had an experienced that opened my eyes and shook me once again, but not like the last time. This time I wasn’t in danger. But it’s still a crazy thing that’s not solved and when it is I’ll tell you what’s been going on.
Once again we as a zone did a sweet activity and went to a national park with lots of cool things and rock formations. It was sweet and I took a ton of pics. so I’ll send a few home, there were wild monkeys their but we didn’t get to set any. I hope everyone is doing good and staying out of the cold. Sounds like a crazy snow storm and stuff, just drive safe please. But I love you all. Until next week. love, -Josh
P.S. This week I was kissed by a drunken man, had a small dog bite my leg, and then a gang told us that we are protected by them that we’re their bros and if anyone robs us or does something to tell them and they will take that person out. We actually were teaching 3 of the gang members but had to cut them as investigators. But as friends were always talking to them so it’s great. I know that I’m now safe in this hood

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