Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This is going to be somewhat short letter today because well we have been working all day. So let me start off with this week’s busy activities. Yesterday we had a zone conference. That was extremely awesome like always and I learned a bunch. President Cordon did a very good job with everything and everyone left excited and ready to work. Also today was the first time here in Paraná (the state) that they had a Genealogy conference (or family history). It’s been advertised for months now so for our p-day we were to go there and work. It was really cool and there was a ton of ppl that were visitors. The only thing was that we were not able to do contacts with them unless the ppl were to ask us what we do. So that made things a little bit more complicated. But it was good. While I was talking to president, he told me to leave and go e-mail. So it’s just luck I made it here and am able to e-mail you guys. I was already planning on being out of time and not being able to e-mail until next week but president told us to go e-mail and the others who wouldn’t have time to write a had written letter. So ya it was cool. I’m glad I’m able to write this quick letter. Anyways I also got 8 letters yesterday. With the mail strike it’s really slowed down the mail. The oldest letter talked about Jake not yet receiving his vista. (back in sept 28) so it’s been a while since I have heard of my friends and from you guys, but it’s all good now. Anyways this week was busy and well somewhat difficult my mission ties will tell you why. But all is well here and I’m doing well. It’s been special week here in Brazil because of the news coverage of the church. Here they did a 5 page story of the church in the biggest news paper here in Brazil they talked about everything. Also at the thing today they had a camera crew recording everything. I have been really surprised on how much the church is advertising and making the name known here in Brazil. It’s playing a huge part in missionary work and it’s awesome. Also they keep a close eye out on the USA and have been talking about Mitt Romney running for president and the fact that he is a member and that he’s on the course for winning. So the subjects about the church are like wildfire and its spreading like crazy here. But one more thing really fast that I was so glad to here today. I received an e-mail from my last comp elder da silva. He said 2 weeks ago Tuane and Teresina were baptized. Man it was so cool for me to here that. I worked with them for months and they were able to be baptized a week after I left. Although I wish I could have been there to see the baptism, but the important thing was that they were baptized and I was a part of that just helping them and teaching them I’m really speechless. But I have to go. I love you all. and I’m doing well. For Christmas I could use some ties..... hint, hint, but I hope everyone had a good Halloween. Jake sounds supper excited about his week and I’m praying for his success every day. I love you all and miss you all. Love, -Josh

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