Monday, January 16, 2012

Hey Everyone!!!
So it seems like the week went by a little slower than normal, but with that it seems like we were able to do a little bit more. I must say that as of now I am learning a lot and really see that my new companion has a huge testimony and probably enough faith that he could move a mountain if he wanted to. At least a lot more that I did when I first got into the mission, but he’s been one of the most positive companions that I have had. Although he’s really quiet and only talks about his chickens or cats..... It’s kind of a weird thing but like every time he sees a chicken or a cat he does this high scream and says ``oh my gosh`` So other than that he loves cat more than Becky dose and has already tried to bring one home, other than that he’s a sweet comp. He’s trying to do his best and learn things and tries to keep up with me. I like to think of him as my mini-me. He mimics my moves and everything I do. At times it’s funny. If I lean forward, he will. If I cross my arms to pray he will. If I pull out my planner for nothing he will and if I buy something he will. It’s great because if I start cleaning the house he will too. lol so I have fun with it and it shows that I have to be obedient because he follows my example. Anyway the work has been good. We marked a lot of baptism dates and found a few awesome ppl to teach. It’s been raining a ton at night and during the mornings and the it’s supper hot and humid in the afternoons. The shoes I have are awesome and I haven’t had wet feet yet!! Unlike last year every time it rained. So it’s been the best present. Tomorrow will be a busy day for us because once again we have to make the trip to Curitiba and it will be 4 hours on a bus and the while there my comp will get registered at the federal Police. Anyway I’m doing well. I’m learning a lot right now and seeing people open up their doors to us. I just want you all to know that I know the savior lives and that God is a God of miracles. He changes and moves people lives in short amounts of time and guides us to people who are ready and in need of the gospel. I’m supper glad you guys are reading the BOM and I hope you continue to do that. Be safe and travel safe. I love you All, -Josh

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