Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hey well this week we had a BAPTISM!!! so the week has been really good. I must say that we have actually had a really good week overall so this is what’s been going down. On Thurs. we ended up going to Curitiba once again to another meeting from my new comp and man it’s not too fun sitting on a bus for most of the day or waking up at 5 am then getting home late. Anyway we were really blessed though. I’m not sure if I told you last week but on last Sunday we had an investigator go to church whose name is Mateus. He was invited by one of his neighbors to go and while there he loved the church. So this whole last week we passed by his house to teach him and comes to find out that he is one of our heavenly fathers elects. Mateus is supper smart and everything was going good. Last Monday we marked a date with him then he asked his mom and she said he could be baptized. Well Tuesday we passed bye and he said everything was good and he was ready. Wednesday went over and the mom said to wait a few months. After talking to her and finding out she was a member, she accepted and was going to let him be baptized. Thursday we went there to find out that he wasn’t sure if it was what he wanted so that night we prayed so much. Friday we marked an hour for our LZ to pass bye and do an interview and he passed and choose a member to baptize him. We were supper happy. Then after talking to the bishop this member wasn’t worthy and told the boy to wait 4 weeks and then he would baptize him. So after trying to get him to pick someone else he finally was like then I only want you Elder Hope. So then I was like alright because you have to be baptized. I even tried him to pick my comp but he wouldn’t. I really wanted my comp to get his feet wet for his first baptism, but Mateus wouldn’t move. Anyway on Sunday Mateus was baptized and it was really good he was supper happy and so was my comp. My comp said that now he can go home because he made his goal. Ha-ha but this week will also be good because we have another man ready to be baptized so we pray a ton right now. Anyway the week was good, long but good. Transfers are tonight but I’ll stay here for sure to finish training my comp for 6 more weeks.
But I’m doing really well. I can’t believe there is no snow, but still ice fishing!! crazy. Means one thing though there are going to be some BIG BUCKS this year!!! I’m so excited! Anyway that’s all I have for the week. Be safe and do what’s right. Until next week, Love, -Josh

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