Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What’s up everyone? Well it’s been a very busy week for us but really good. I’m supper glad to hear that Jake baptized a person also. That’s really cool that we baptized on the same day. Anyway this week is turning out to be amazing. We have 6 people lined up to be baptized on Sunday or before Sunday and so were running around like crazy getting them taught and ready for the baptism. I have a lot of faith that the lord is going to help these people out and everything is going to happen so they will be baptized. So it’s been hot but pretty crazy. Sunday was supper busy for us because the ward took all of the young kids and adults out on a camping trip to get them away from ``Carnival`´ (a really bad national holiday) So at church there was no help and we had to do everything, prepare the sacrament, pass the sacrament and I was also given 30 min to prepare a talk and I gave a 15 min talk too because the person didn’t show up. I was also going to teach a Sunday school class but I asked someone to help me. It was a busy busy day but it’s all going good here. We played some b-ball but I was supper tired and I’m getting sick I think so I took a lot of meds today.
Anyway so someone ran into the cop car that would be embarrassing. Ha-ha but did she leave with a ticket? so how was the conference with Elder Russell M Nelson? What did he talk about? Anyway I also want to know also dad what did you put those bugs in to make them glass round things? was it fiberglass resin? but also I’ll look for the package but it will take a while. I too will send home a package because it’s all ready and tapped up. Bad thing is that is like a weeklong Holliday for the next few days so I’ll send it when I can.
But I’m short on time today and am tired.. I don’t have my camera because I left it at the house so next week I’ll send pics. But thanks for everything and for your prayers. I love you guys and hope all is well. Be safe and if you need anything just tell me. But I have an awesome family!!!!! Thanks.

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