Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Well Its HOT here! FYI it’s like 85 to 90 degrees here and I’m cooking like a steak. I’m also afraid that my farmers tan is now a permanent mark and it will never go away. I guess it’s always going to remind me of my mission. haha So with that it’s been a busy week. I’m sleeping with a fan right on me at night but still sweat a lot it really doesn’t cool down here at nights. But the work has been going really well here. This week we had a good turn out with investigators going to church and one is really ready to be baptized. So if his mom let’s him, he will be baptized. So were praying a lot for that. We also found like 5 people who are really good investigators who have a lot of potential so things are getting really good. But another event that is happening with our house is that we went from Fleas to the invasion of lizards.. Yeah pretty sure a mama lizard gave birth to about 20 little lizards and now they run across our walls like crazy un-controlled wild things when we come home at night and flip on the lights. It’s good because they eat the spiders and everything which is good but something that still makes one scratch his head wondering if it’s something healthy. Until now we like the little guys because there kind of cute.
Anyway sounds like things are ok back home other than grandmas aunt who passed away and Jim getting sick. But I’m glad that’s all passed by and things are good. It’s really cool you guys went to Hamer to see the baby blessing. I actually think it’s such an interesting and special thing. So I’m sure it was awesome to be there in support
But Mom I too also want the Family history info for me so send me that. Dad that’s sick you went ice fishing. I hope you took pictures but sounds like it was a good trip. I too remember when Colin took my ice hole away up at Jackson Lake just so he could get a fish. Seems like his lucky fish finder is no match for the hope’s talent. If I was Colin I would probably just give up the whole fishing idea and give his rods to someone who could use them..... I think I could find a use for them. (Yeah make sure he sees this letter.. I want a response to this trash talk) lol it’s all a joke though. Anyway I’m out of time but I sure love you guys. Be safe and keep fishing. Com Amor, -Josh

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