Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm Going To Be Baptized

Well I must say that once again this week is a week that I’ll never forget. Unfortunately I couldn’t go back to that family next week nor does it look like I will. :( But the other Elders who work in the area went by to talk to them and only talk to the wife. They said all they talked about was how cool and good teachers we were. Ha-ha but they will go back this next week and so I’ll get an up-date for you guys. But transfers are coming up on the 28th so it looks like I’ll be moved.
Anyway back to our awesome week. Well this week we received a HUGE un-expected blessing which lead to a surprise baptism. So I started teaching a lady on the 8th of Dec (I looked at the date on her teaching record) and this lady is a member’s mom she’s about 66 years old. But from day one she told us look I’m not going to be baptized until my grandson returns from his mission in 1 year 4 months. Well she would also remind us that she was waiting every time we would go to teach her. Well she’s been going to church every week since we have taught her. But ppl would ask her if she was going to be baptized and she would tell everyone that’s she was waiting. Well after teaching her for more than a month the ward members started to tell US that we shouldn’t waste our time and that she’s only going to be baptized when her grandson come back. Well for the past 3 months I have hear that like from every member. Even from Olivia’s own son but with that I wasn’t going to just give up. Even thought I thought about listening to everyone. Well during district meeting we talked about just setting her up for an interview and see how that goes. So Thursday E. Halgren came over with his comp and she looked at E. Halgren and said. ``I’m waiting for my grandson`` and then they walked into the house so he could do the interview. Well 1 hour and 40 min passed when she walked out with the biggest smile on her face and was like ``IM GOING TO BE BAPTIZED``! Man for me it was just soo cool. I was tearing up and I just couldn’t believe she wasn’t going to wait. It was just so cool and then while sitting at the table her son shows up and she told him that she was going to enter in to the water this Sunday and her son was so happy. He gave her a super big hug and couldn’t believe it himself. Well so Sunday he gave his testimony before the baptism and it was so strong. For him he explained it’s been 10 long year of him inviting her to go to church and to accept the missionaries and she finally did and for me I learned to always keep working even thought a lot of ppl said it was impossible. My comp leaned over to me after the baptism and said `` We Proved them wrong, when should we tell them....`` I had a good laugh because that’s what my thought were but were not going to rub in the members faces. Although when at her house one of Olivia’s daughters stopped us as we were walking out and said. ``After 10 years of her turning down the missionaries and after all the missionaries who passed through here, you guys managed to get her baptized. Good Job`´´ (her daughter isn’t a member) But for me I learned that prayer and faith makes miracles. Just like that in that film 7 miracles. We watched that at our conference like I said. But man dose faith and prayer move mountains.
But thanks so much for putting our names in the temple. It makes a difference. I hope everything is going good. Jakes growing so much. He’s going to be a good senior comp!!! Well I love you all. Be safe and read the BOM! Love -Josh

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