Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So another week flew bye and I really don’t know where to start at with this e-mail. Well the week went really good for us and we were blessed with new investigators. It’s crazy to me to see how the lord prepares people for us. When we suddenly lose some investigators I know now that the lord puts others in our way that is ready to hear. I find it very interesting on how everything is planned out here in the mission along with our lives. We really are blessed and watched over. Anyways Ill share an experience that happened to me last night. So last night we went on a ´´blitz´´ in another area to help some elders out. The whole zone was there. Well we went to this area and divided up with other Elders than our comps and were assigned an area to work in for a few hours. I went with an Elder from Alaska who name is Elder Wharton. (No he doesn’t hunt or fish so that part of the conversation was dead) Anyway he’s a very calm and quiet person and really white with red hair. But we set off on a couple of streets talking to EVERYONE in the streets or looking at us. Like if we were walking by a house and someone looked out the window we went back and talked to them it was crazy. Well we did that for a few hours contacting ppl and walked down this big dirt road and walked all the way back to the entrance of the street. Well we got back to the main road and I looked at Elder Wharton and told him we needed to return down the road again. So we went back down the road and went to the very end. At the very end we stopped and were watching some small air planes take off and land for a few moments. (There was also a glider plane that was practicing) anyway while we sat there I started looking around and saw a house with some ppl standing outside watching us watch the air planes. I told E. Wharton we got to talk to that family so we walked over and they came out to talk to us. We talked to them at the gate and got there info for to return another day but I asked if we could share a lesson with them. They accepted us in and we went and sat down with them. So we got to know them and their beliefs and found out that they were at one time Catholics, Jehovah witnesses and 7th day Adventist. SO I was like wow I guess this is going to be a difficult lesson. But we started a lesson started teaching and they started asking great questions. (A lesson that I thought was going to be a Bible bash was turning into a really good lesson) we taught the lesson and they just loved everything they were hearing. They gave us cake and a pop and we showed them our pictures and they wanted to know so much about the church. Even the 9 year old boy the 10 and 11 year old girls were eager to get the BOM to read. Anyway we lost track of time actually didn’t have time with us. (any watches or the cell phone) and we asked them what time it was and the said it was 6:38. I was like crap we got to get to the bus at 6:45 and the stop is super far away. So we said bye and explained that other Elders would pass by another day. When they heard that they all were like no, we want you to come back and I comforted them saying these other elders are really cool.... that’s when they were like will we ever see you guys again? and realizing that it almost would be impossible I told them maybe. Knowing that they are not in my area and it’s not easy to go into another area. Anyway this family was like oh no you have to come back, it was crazy as they stood at the gate they all got teary eyed and the little kid asked his mom if they would ever see ´´elder opper and elder wartun again´´´(that’s how he said our names) I was so surprised on this family and their reaction to us leaving. I don’t know why but they were truly a friend of ours and for some reason I don’t know why, we were so important to them. This family was awesome and I have never seen any family like this in my whole mission. I was told that maybe on Saturday I would go back to talk to them because this family is really important but that’s a maybe but they truly marked a memory in my heart.
Anyways my time is up. I’m glad you’re all doing well. I keep you all in my prayers and thoughts. Be strong and know that I’m ok. I also can’t believe Jake is 20 years old. Crazy!!! I love you all -Josh

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