Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Well I’m guessing that you guys are not getting the pictures I’m sending..... Because I have sent some home every week. SO have you even gotten the pictures of the baptisms????

Anyway we were once again blessed here in the area and had one more baptism yesterday. Jeronimo was baptized! He just turned 75 yesterday and was baptized on his birthday. He said it was the best thing he’s ever done. Like Olivia, Jeronimo is a person that almost every elder has taught him and haven’t had him enter into the water. But for some reason my comp and I are getting these old ppl out of the house to get baptized. His wife has been a member for 26 years now and after all that time Jeronimo was finally got into that water. It’s a really cool story about their lives because his wife was actually secretly baptized for 6 years before she ever told him she was a Mormon. (It almost ended their marriage) but it was just a cool day. Because along with him, his grandson who’s 8 years old and who has special needs also was baptized so it was very cool. But the kid counts for the ward not for mission purposes. Anyway so the work has been really busy. On the 28 will be transfers and tomorrow I’ll find out where I’ll be going. I’m almost positive that will leave and my comp will stay. But it’s going to be cool to see where I will go to finish the mission.
I’m also looking forward to General Conference this week end and so that will be awesome also. But before I forget. Happy birthday to Jeff and Crue this week. I hope everything will go good for you guys
sounds like Jake is having all kinds of fun in Mexico! Man I totally want to know how it feels when the lord wakes ppl up by shaking the land. I have yet to experience that in my life.... But sounds like everyone is good back home and that it’s heating up but I’m going to send pics now. Let me know if you’re getting them....!! Sorry the letter is so short.

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