Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Well we had one more baptism this week. Last week was a supper good week for us and we were to bounce back into rhythm with things. It’s also heated back up and today has been pretty hot basketball was good other than it was so hot I almost threw up so I gave it up and just played soccer to take it easy. But Like it said we had a baptism yesterday it went really good. Her name is Stefani and she 8 years old. It was a little sad because her mom didn’t show up for the baptism because of work but told her to go ahead and do it so she jumped right into the water and was super excited. It turned out really good thought.
But sounds like everyone had a good time a Boise. I’m supper surprised that there was that much cash on the table. I was sure it wasn’t real so it kind of crazy. But I think its good I wasn’t at the game. Never liked Rigby too much so I don’t think I could have controlled myself...... anyways even though they are still children of God, It’s hard to accept them as a school though. (Kind of like the Lamanites who raised their children in iniquity, I’m pretty sure the kids were raised to hate the Nephites and some really never had a reason.) Kind of like that for me. I’m pretty sure I spent the whole time in high school thinking and looking for things to stir up the students to cause problems. I remember one time Jake Dexter, Bill, Mack, and I’m sure Taylor were at a basketball game and we brought some duck calls and goose calls into the game and started blowing and honking them. At one point the school officer and the teachers were looking to find out who it was. Not going to lie it was pretty sweet. Every time they did a foul shot we were blowing on those things so loud. Pretty sure we succeeded on stirring them up and making problems. But hey I guess the ppl there are not too bad.
Enough with THE confession though but tell grandma thanks for the e-mail. To finish I better explain my comment on last week’s e-mail... yeah I had no idea we were going to Oregon. That was until I got mail on Friday and realized that I was ALSO going to be going....it was one of those moments where I couldn’t fix anything but just had to laugh because it was a surprise to me. Also I guess that means I won’t return to work for a few weeks after or settle down and adjust until after. I hope the adjustment is fast, and that I still have some friends to hang out with. It would stink to sit home on the 4th and not have any buds to go down to IF. Oh well though Oregon it is. Anyway I love you all. Be safe and happy. Thanks so much for your prayers. Love -Josh

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