Thursday, April 12, 2012

April Fools (way late on that trick) ha-ha Well I have a good reason why I didn’t e-mail on Monday like normal and it was because we went to the temple today so our p-day was moved to Wednesday for this week only so it’s for a good cause. Anyway I did call the office to find out that you already called, you can cancel Missionties no big deal for me now.
But the temple was great. It’s been over 7 and a half months since I have been and so it was really good. Also my temple recommend expired and yesterday I got that renewed with president and taken care of tomorrow, I will also have an interview with him. It’s going to be the last one until I have my ``leaving interview`` so conference was great huh I learned a lot for sure! This Sunday we lost out on a baptism and here’s what happened. There was a lady who been taught for 10 months now and well she stopped smoking and everything and passed the baptism interview and was at church ready to be baptized. When she said I’m not going to be baptized this week I’ll wait for my son to come next week. So we talked to her and talked to her and she ended up not being baptized but she should be baptized this week! Any way this week I don’t have too much time so I got to go. I love you all. I wish I had time to write you guys to tell you everything but I will say this. I’m getting good at taking care of kids now so mom if you need help I got a lot of patience. Jk it hasn’t been too bad.
I love you all. -Josh

PS. I’m doing well and I’m happy.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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