Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wow so another week has passed bye and it really seems like yesterday I was here at the computer. Well since I didn’t have time last week I’ll fill you in on the stuff I have been doing. Well starting with last Sunday during sacrament meeting there was a fight in the bathroom and two kids were going at it pretty good when the dad of one of the boys walked in and decided to have his share with the 12 year old boy. He punched the kid a few times in the chest and then threw him up against the wall and was strangling him when another member came in and he let go. Well now the police are involved and things are crazy. (And the ward doesn’t have a bishop) I’m glad that none of the ppl who were involved came to church yesterday like they said they were because they said that it’s not over and the last thing I want is our investigators to see problems like this so yesterday church was chill and they finally called a new bishop. But we must have run into some bad luck or something because we were going to have another baptism. Wellington who’s 9 years old passed his baptism interview and was supper excited to be baptized when Sunday morning his mom talked him into waiting. (She’s also a member.) So for the 2nd week in a row and the 2nd time in my mission the baptismal font was full of hot water and nobody was baptized. Next time this happens I think I’ll go soak in the warm water and get some use out of it. As of now there is still water in it because where going to try for his baptism on Wed.
I also meet one of the guys who live in Rexburg again (He’s the one who called you guys up and his brother lives in Mud Lake.) But the guy is one of the temples sealers in Rexburg so I’m sure Jim and Grandma knows him. By the way HAPPY B-DAY JIM.
My interview with President went really well also. Our talk was shorter than normal because he said we would be talking again in less than a month but we talked a lot about the area and my comp. For me the interview was really cool because for the first time in my mission he told me why he put me in an area. So he he put me here to get this ward and area into shape and that I was to lead and teach the members even the bishop how the church runs and how the Brazil Curitiba Missions works. That means correcting things and to push more for meetings every Sunday and some other stuff he said and for this I was released as district leader to give all my time and effort to help the ward. (Don’t ask me how I’m going to do all this.) But this ward doesn’t have leaders or anything so it’s a mess. I always try to remember back to our ward and how things work so I go from the wards examples.
But even though we have had two baptisms fall I’m still doing everything possible to get them back and were working super hard. My companion is doing good and were working good together. It’s not easy because after lunch when we teach he like falls asleep for like 20 seconds and wakes up. He will even be talking and doze off and I have to hit him in the leg to keep him up ppl laugh but it’s like crazy. I never have seen anything like it before. But the work goes on.
But tomorrow Jordon Ostermiller comes home from his mission and I want you to go to his homecoming talk for me. He’s become a good friend writing me more than another friend. But I love you all, be safe and do what’s right. Thanks for everything again. Love -Josh

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