Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So the week turned out a lot better than it did last week and were were able to help ´´Angela`` be baptised. The baptism went good and she was very happy. Im glad I was able to help her and see her be baptised. Shes been taught for 10 months now and so we were able to put an end to that. I will say that it wasn't easy and a lot of prayer and fasting involved.
As for our week we did really good on getting all the goals and passing the mission standard in almost everything. We were able to do a ton of divisions with the members and even got one of the members excited to serve a mission. ( I think he wasn't too sure about going but he said I'll finish my papers this week and send them to utah) it was cool. Last night I talked to a member from another area, it was cooling down for the night and my comp had his coat and I was in a regular white shirt. The member was like you must be from idaho laughing I said yeah and he was like I served a mission there he named the areas he passed through, Rigby, Salmon, Challis and Pocatello. When I told him I was from Rexburg he about died. We had a good talk about Rigby and Salmon Idaho I even showed some pics of the Salmon Bridge and he was like going crazy because he knew exactly where I was at. It was pretty crazy I got to talk to a guy who knew where I was from. But sounds like all my friends are coming home now and that this Sunday will be busy for you guys going to all the meetings. Good luck. But I'm almost out of time. But I'm doing well and my comp is at least keeping up. I swear its like pulling teeth to get him out of the house though I'm thinking about breaking the mirror in the bathroom just so he will stop looking at himself over and over again he's as bad as a girl. Its going to be interesting to see what will happen this transfer. Oh by the way transfers are on the 2nd of this next month. (its a shorted transfer.)
But I love you all thanks so much for the love and your e-mails I really do appreciate the prayers and everything. Keep out of trouble and go fishing for me. Its been a while since I have gotten pic of some fish.  jefff sent some not too long ago but it wasn't enough. ha-ha Love -Josh

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