Friday, December 2, 2011

Sweet well I got your pictures this week in the e-mail and it look like it’s a blast down there in Idaho. Killed some of my homesickness too and made me feel a lot better. About the letter and packages, my zone leaders will go to Curitiba tomorrow and I’ll get me mail that’s been collecting for over a month now also we will see if the packages will be there. So next week I’ll let you guys know and respond to all your questions. But becarefull driving, the Bucks will be crazy running around for doe’s and they really don’t look out for cars or ppl. It’s also that time of year that if I was at home I would also be living in a tree until the sun goes down or until that buck steps into a shooting lane. Seeing the deer was way cool also. But it all will be their when I get back so I won’t worry. Also if the owner puts the land up for sell buy it and I’ll pay ya back dad. (it would be sick to own that part of the bottom lands) sounds like everyone is spreading out over the US this week kind of cool, but just be safe. Jc is growing up so fast and I can’t believe it. Jake is also working hard and is baptizing and that so cool. It makes me happy to hear that.
But now for the work side. Man its HOTT here. There isn’t wind and it’s pretty difficult to find ppl in the streets during the day or to get them to answerer the door. We have been knocking doors this week and have had little success. Usually you see someone stick their head out of the window to look at us but then they disappear and won’t leave the coolness of the house to talk to us. But last night we were blessed and decided to knock on a door to try our luck one last time before going to a couple investigators houses. Well we knocked on the door and a lady came out to talk to us. Told her who we were and she said that her daughters were visiting the church about 2 years ago, so we asked to talk to all of them and they let us in. Well after talking to the dad (who’s 70 years old with hot pink hair) we shared our message with them and marked baptism dated with them and they all were very happy. It was a blessing for us because we’re not finding very good ppl to teach who will commit to things. But it really got me and my comp excited to find this family. Although the dad who’s 70 is married with a 45 year old girl and they have a 3 year old boy. Which is a little weird but very common here (the dad was very prideful of that) Anyway my eyes are often red at the end of the day wiping the sweat off my face constantly which isn’t too cool but it’s part of the job so I’m pretty sure I’m a fan of colder weather than hot weather at this moment in my life, ha-ha so what I’m saying is, I MISS SNOW but send more pics and visit the river one more time for me. Count the stands also.... but I’m doing well I’ll let you know if I got my packages next week. But I love you all!!!!!!! Be safe where ever you are. Love, -Josh

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