Friday, December 23, 2011

Hey Everybody!!!
Well this will be a short e-mail because I’ll save the good stuff for the phone call but today I was burned. It’s really hot and we played b-ball for a good 2 hours straight. Then soccer for an hour. Man I’m already feeling that sting.... oh well next time I’ll put more sunscreen on. I also received a punch in the face while playing ninja (a kid’s game) then took a ball to the face to protect the goal! The two defiantly hurt and left me seeing stars.. ha-ha But that’s life right. But other than that things are awesome. Oh yes, I GOT the 2 packages and opened up one to get my meds. But I opened up the wrong one and opened up the b-day package.!!! Man I was just about to send picture of my trashed shoes. These defiantly will last for the rest of my mission! So it’s a supper good present. You guys like read my mind or something to know that. But everything inside that package was awesome. My comp was so happy he had a little something to eat so he says thanks. But it was perfect because I opened it up on the 15th. (Only a day late) As for the other package I won’t open it up until Christmas. I really need the meds but will suffer for a few more days just to have something to open up. I’m probably crazy to wait I’m really dying here without it. We also had our Christmas conference which was pretty good. Wasn’t as good as the last one because they didn’t let the whole mission meet up and just have one big party. So really being to far away from Curitiba our Christmas party only had like 30 missionaries... but it was cool I learned a lot.
But man its crazy Coles going on a mission. He’s going to like it a lot. You defiantly will know how Cory is going to feel sending off the first missionary in the family. I think it’s always the tuff not knowing what to really expect but the fosters will also be busy now writing e-mail, letters, and sending packages just like you guys are doing and Rick and everyone else. But all that stuff is part of the experience. Cole will do great and his mission will bless his family so much. It’s truly a blessing and the best place for someone to learn and help others.
Anyways when you call I’ll explain how the work is going here in the area and fill you guys in on everything. But I love you all be safe and write down your questions to ask me. We got to use our time wisely!! but until Sunday. I love you all, -Josh

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