Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hey Everyone,
Thanks for all of the b-day wishes. You guys are awesome! But let me tell you about my day so far. Anyway today we had to practice a couple of songs as a zone to sing to President for Christmas. Then after my Zone leaders bought a basketball and we balled it up for 3 hours straight. Man I can’t even walk my back hurts so bad I got my fingers jammed pretty good and I’m unable to take my ring off my finger now. So that was the bad part, after playing b-ball in the rain my leaders took me to McDonalds and bought me a chicken sandwich and a Mcflurry that tasted amazing. Man they are awesome.!!! So far the day is going really good. It kind of doesn’t even feel like my B-day. I guess getting old never was too fun.. haha. Anyway the past week has been good. Were trying to get the members to do something and have more excitement. Matter of fact they weren’t going to have a Christmas party because the bishop is a little difficult. But Monday night they had a little get-to-gether and it was the best thing ever for the ward. I actually saw smiles on ppls faces! Also our investigators loved it so it was awesome, but were really trying toget the members to help us out here so were doing everything. But this last week we also taught a guys who had a bunch of grape vines that he takes care of. It was so cool to see millions of grapes, he said when they are ready we could cut some down and eat them. He also gave us a fruit that’s called ``Jabuticaba`` it’s almost like an oversized grape that you eat the liquid on the inside there really good.
But about the phone call. I think it would be better for me to just call on the phone we would waste a lot of time switching from Skype to the phone. So I’ll just call home and Jared could do the conference call with us. I want him to be a part of the whole conversation so just plan on the call. Anyway as for the time next week just give me a solid time on when Jake will come and I’ll work around that and I’ll give you a number to call me. But everything will work out.
But a lot of my friends are starting to come home now. Taylor will be the next or if not he’s home already. If I was smart I would have sent my papers in when he put his in and I would be at the end of the mission. I know that on the 13th of June I’ll fly out of this place and so I really don’t have a lot of time to work, kind of sad when I think about it really. I feel like I only have a year on the mission so I’ll have to make the best of my time.
But I was supper happy to hear that dads going up to henrys to ice fish!!!!! man that’s sweet I just better get the pictures ha-ha. I’m glad my packages got home that’s a good thing to me it’s a lot of work in those books. Tomorrow we will have our mission Christmas conference so if my packages are here I’ll get them tomorrow. I don’t plan on opening them either except to get my meds I’m dying here! but Grandmas I’ll keep until Christmas. The DVD player is only for the missionaries and we can’t take it out of the house on p-day we can watch movies that the church made, the tabernacle choir would be awesome also. I better wrap this e-mail up. Once again thanks everyone for the b-day wishes and for everything. You guys are awesome. But for some reason this b-day isn’t difficult like the first one. I think that Christmas will be easy to for me. But I love you all. Love, -Josh

``If we want to be Diamonds, we better be able to take the pressure.``

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