Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hey well it was supper cool talking to you guys like you said and hearing everyone’s voices. Man I’m stuffed from eating peanut butter plain. (that peter pan honey stuff is so good) ha-ha but I’m glad everyone was there to talk. So it sounds like everyone will have a few days off so enjoy it while you can and be safe on the roads. Like dad said I don’t really have much to say this week because I told you everything on the phone call but I forgot to tell you was that on Christmas Eve I finished the 创Bom创 in port. for the 2nd time. Although I won’t be able to finish it in English before the New Year like I had set my goal but I’m getting close to getting that read too. But the Bom is such an awesome book. It truly helps and improves the lives of those who read it and study. I know that the book is 100% true. It seems like every time I give out a book of Mormon to someone I feel like I’m giving $100 million because to me it’s so worthful. But almost everyone who receives the book doesn’t realize the worth or the blessing that come from it. But really the BOM is a huge blessing in my life and I’m so glad I share that with ppl.
But yes we have transfers this next wed. 4th of Jan. SO I’ll probably get a new comp here with me. (Ill let you know next week) But yesterday we were teaching a man in his store when his pastor drove by, pulled over, and started yelling at us to the point where he was going to punch us if we didn’t stop teaching this man. When he entered in the store we looked at him asked him to be polite and respectful and I continued to teach the man. Well I think that ticked him off calling him out on his manners and that’s where he got in my face yelling. We kind of laughed at the pastor at his childish behavior like it was some kind of joke, and finished the lesson getting the guys address to pass in his house later. Man this pastor was on fire and deep down inside I was too. But while leaving he said a smart comment and said Have a good lonely Christmas and new year as we left the house, it wasn’t too cool. He defiantly wasn’t a man of god and acted like the devil. I’m pretty sure everyone on the street saw that. I really wanted to say something back but I wasn’t going to stoop to his level. So that was yesterday’s excitement. But the work goes on.
Also dad that’s sweet you talked to Mack. Man I was wondering what happened to that kid. Glad he’s doing well. Anyway I better send some pictures to you guys so I’ll finish this e-mail. But I love you all and hope your all safe! I Love you all, -Josh

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