Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hey Family what’s up? Well I’m SUPER short on time today because I just got done with training and so I really didn’t have a p-day. But I will get a new companion tomorrow and he’s straight from the MTC so I’ll be training once again to finish off the mission. I’m excited for this opportunity knowing that the lord takes good care of those who train. ;) so tomorrow I will get my new comp. I have no idea who he is yet or where he’s from so you guys will have to wait until next week.
As for the week it was very good. We didn’t have a baptism but we were able to work really hard and achieve some great goals. So I was very happy with the work. Oh but we did have a confirmation Sunday ``Angela`` Sunday was also supper crazy from all the rain during the week the kids were crazy the whole time. There was a ton of screaming and running going on. We were also called into the primary to teach. I must say it was the best thing ever. I laughed so hard at the things the kids say. For example; we asked the kids who wants to serve a mission, and one said. ``I feel like I shouldn’t, but I think I’ll go anyway`´ it was supper funny. After we taught they gave us letters that they wrote to us. It was pretty sweet.
About the call, tell me a time that’s good for you guys and I will have you guys call me at the church so it will be good. But I’m happy with knowing that I’ll be training. It’s probably the best part of the mission and the experiences that come from it.
I talked to the Elder who took my place in my last area and he said that he’s getting sick of being compared to elder hope. I laughed because I didn’t know that they actually liked me there. So it was a cool thing to hear for me.
But I have to go. I don’t have time to send pics. sorry, but I love you all a lot. This will be my last transfer so I’m going do everything I can to finish off good. Thanks for everything. Love -Josh

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