Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hey everyone it’s me once again. ;) Well so it sounds like you all are wondering who my new comp is so I’ll just tell you. My new comp is from Fortaleza (north of Brazil) and his name is Elder Lima. He’s been a sweet comp so far and likes to work. Although he has 1 week in the field he’s picked up fast on the work rhythm and he has a big desire to work and talk to everyone. I must say training a native is a lot easier than an American who doesn’t speak any of the language. So as of now his training is going really good he’s got some blisters on his feet though from this week’s walking but he’s a champ. Also I was once again called District Leader to finish off the mission. I guess President didn’t want me to slack off at the end. (or die) ha-ha but I’m glad I’ll be able to just work. I also have two sisters in my district that are pretty new and every time I call they have some kind of question or problem ha-ha it’s been interesting let me just say that. As for the work it’s been really good. Were looking for some new investigators this week and have a few who are close to the waters of baptism. But this week should be a good week to bounce back up to speed.
About the phone call. Yes call me at 3:30 MY TIME!!!!  but it will be very good to talk to you all this next Sunday.
But this week something really cool happened here. The church gave away 300 new wheel-chairs to people who are in need. President picked 40 elders to be there and to represent the church and mission. Well my comp and I were two of the 40 elders and we had a very cool experience to help those ppl receive the new wheel-chairs. They also said that it would be put in the liahona also so that will be cool. Maybe I will be in the liahona for the first time in my life.... h-ha But after that I felt like I was so blessed. There’s a ton of ppl who have difficulties and struggles in their life and to be able to walk is a blessing its self. I’m so glad to be a part of this great and marvelous work here in Brazil. I know that the lord loves us and blesses us so much everyday when we read and say our prayers. It’s a perfect plan for all, with promised blessings to theses who follow the plan. I know that life has its challenges but these challenges make us become better and stronger ppl. It will be good to talk to all of you. Thanks for the support, prayers and love. I Love you all so much and pray for you daily. Love. -Josh

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