Monday, May 28, 2012

So it was really good to talk to you guys on the phone. All of you sound like you’re doing well and are happy. SO to me that’s important. I was very happy with the phone call and left me excited to go work after the call. Although you guys won’t let me stay a little longer, I understand. so I will enjoy the time while I’m here. My comp was a little stressed out because his family didn’t call on the time they planned and was an hour late to call. his family called on a cell phone and they talked for only 20 min before the min. ran out on the cell. But he was a happy as can be. It was his 1 month mark yesterday also from the time he left his house.
But like I said I was going to go shopping to get a few small things. And so we did and I found a few really cool things and so I bought them. I’ll send a pic latter. But I hope the stuff didn’t leave a big dent in the bank account. if so a good job back at home will pay it off.... ha-ha but really its cool stuff.
Anyways as of the work side of things; this week was supper good! We finished off the week on a good note and with a good turnout at church with 5 investigators there. a few didn’t show up like they said they would which was disappointing. But it was a great week. Last night we were literally running around to finish our contacts also to teach our last lesson with member.  It crazy to see how everything worked out so perfectly. We defiantly had to work hard and to the very last min to accomplish everything. But we were blessed so much to see the lord put ppl in our path. With my new comp were really working hard. The both of us felt like the lord accepted our efforts and work we did this past week.
Oh on Thursday we also had a zone conference. It was really good. President gave me and 3 other elders time to share our testimony with the other elders who were there and it was great. I did warn everyone that I was probably going to cry so they all had a good laugh. (I almost cried though, but I held it back)
Anyways it was my last zone conference. but I’m outta stuff to say. I must have told you everything yesterday ha-ha but I love you all. Thanks so much for your support. I pray for ALL of you and love you so much. Love, -Josh

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