Monday, May 28, 2012

Wow what’s going on in the burg? Sounds like there was some excitement there. Biker gangs and that stuff is what they don’t have too much here, so it’s different to here this. Anyway you will have to keep me up to date on all the news. I want to hear everything.
But our week was really good. We had two ppl interviewed and they past to be baptized but they moved the day back to the next week. It was a little disappointing but it’s alright.  Our week was very good thought very chill and very productive. It’s been easy to work here with my new comp that does what he needs to do. He’s the 2nd comp I have had who doses his contacts though out the day without me saying one thing to him or tell him to do them. This week I also came down with a cold and am still trying to get better as fast as I can. Because they don’t let anyone get on the planes here if they are sick. I’m taking my meds for sure. Anyway I had a division this week with the Lz´s which was good other than every plan fell through and we walked so much It was great. It’s good to hear that Jc is doing well though and the weather is getting better here it’s still cold weather. My comp suffers because he’s use to the warm weather but he’ll live. Today we played soccer by our self’s because the other elders don’t want to get together and play but this week is going to be a busy week for us I have a few divisions and interviews to do one for the elders and then one for the sisters. The sisters were robbed on Friday on the bus and lost a back pack and 20 reais. Sorry for the random e-mail today not a lot happened but it sounds like the burg is in a stir. I’m sure you got some pictures of the guys face you will have to send them to me.  
Thanks for everything I love you all so much. Love -Josh

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